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benefits of exercise

benefits of exercise- fitness pointers
benefits of exercise- fitness pointers

benefits of exercise 1

Every great person in the world has considered health as the main symptom of human beauty Man's face, Nayan - the map is great and attractive, but if it is not healthy, then understand that all of them have no value and value.

Without health, the condition of man will be the same as a fiber-free plant.  there is no interest in life or any other kind of happiness even if there are wealth and wealth in life for the unhealthy man.

The cup filled with nectar is thirsty even when it is in the hand. The hunger, filled with delicious food items, is hungry even when it is in front. In fact, his hunger and thirst are not given to him. At that time, Tanadrushti is said to be thousands of Niyamam.

Exercise is essential for getting healthy. Regularly exercising according to his position and strength according to the time given, the person enjoys the true interest of life, real happiness. What is called genuinely happiness, a person who is unhealthy can never find a million wishes. A healthy person has the right to it.

benefits of exercise 2

One of the benefits of exercising is to maintain health and maintain the body regularly, the one who exercises is always happy. A great and important achievement can be said of happiness. Exercise does not allow the man to be weak and irritable. A person who regularly exercises with all kinds of diseases is also left.

Never forgetting sadness and frustration, even without such a person, they will not be able to smile.  It has been said that health is true wealth. So the person who regularly rules the exercise is always good with health money.

benefits of exercise: 

Like a weaker man, such a person has never had to stoop to work harder. Do not be embarrassed in front of others by introducing their inability. There are many types of exercise. Playing different types of games, running a dime, playing rowing, playing kabaddi, wrestling, yoga practice or posture, swimming, dancing, riding, and sailing, etc. are all exercises.

It is also an exercise to take an open mother-in-law in the morning and early hours.  Of these, one can adopt any exercise according to his interest, his strength, and position, the time he finds himself.

benefits of exercise 3

By getting the rule to keep doing it, you can get the right to enjoy the real pleasure and joy of life, and if you do not, then it will become a kind of exercise even if you walk fast - two to four kilometers. This is the reason that some people get out of the house some early in the morning while going to the office and only after walking two to four kilometers, they ride on the bus, etc.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his own self-narrative that he used to take out time to travel wherever he lived, in the country or abroad, for the morning and evening tour. Traveling in the morning and evening thoughts of Gandhiji is a very good exercise then a person with every age and status can do a tour. That is why they have advised everyone to practice in the form of exercises, morning and evening walk or a habit of traveling.

The place must definitely be appropriate for any exercise, no matter what the exercise man should do. If such a place is open green, clean, then what to say?

In fact, there should also be a suitable place for exercise. Exercising in a closed and dirty place, exercising in a knee environment can lead to a reversal in place of profit. Many types of diseases may have to be prey. therefore, it is necessary to exercise in a proper and appropriate place. Green-filled open grounds, river banks, a park, forest-park or even green fields of farms can be considered suitable places for exercise.

Human life is considered to be very rare. It is not for the sake of losing only after living in the disease. One moment is considered to be very valuable. Therefore, it should be useful. Only a healthy person can think of doing good to all types and can do it.

A healthy person can also be able to perform some kind of religion. Religion, meaning, work, salvation, all come in the part of capable people. It is very important to exercise and to remain strong.  Just take a habit once, then see how all kinds of happiness, all kinds of joy come running, yourself.

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